The Challenge of Change

For the most part, change is a challenge. Positive or negative, change always presents me with some level of difficulty, something that needs to be overcome. Someone once said to me that anything worthwhile requires effort. Leaving a job is tough. Moving house is tough. Moving to another country is also not easy. Being a mature student embarking on a new career? Also, not something to be taken lightly. All of these things at the same time? That’s a pretty big deal. But achieving all of these things? Making it through to the other side, without cracking up? Facing all of these challenges? That’s where the growth is: Psychological, emotional and spiritual. It is by facing change, and being willing to change that I grow. I develop as a person. I become more then my limited self. I learn and experience new things. I allow new ideas and concepts to change me. Without change I stagnate. I become comfortable and complacent. I need the discomfort of change. This is what life is all about: Growth through change.


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