4200 Formative 1: Starting Small, Thinking Big.

My name is Ibrahim Clayton, I’m studying Digital Film Production at SAE Glasgow.  Someday I’d like to be running my own production company. I’m a writer, and aspiring director, and maybe cinematographer. I fancy myself as a cinematographer. But then, I fancied myself as an actor before my performance in the recent ‘Discovery Film’ project (the ‘welcome to SAE – now make a film in 2 weeks’ bombshell that exploded on day one.) Thankfully, our groups skilled editing team have ironed out the many creases in my woeful performance.

During my 2 years at SAE I’m aiming to learn the technical aspects of film making : camera, lights, sound, editing, post-production stuff. I’d love to make contacts that can support me on my journey (there! I said it), and I can support on theirs. I feel I’ve already begun this process, and have made some great friends during the ‘Discovery Film’ project. I’m looking to build an online presence, and also some quality content to showcase my stuff. I want to create beautiful visuals and can’t wait to get started on colour grading and making things look cool. Not that I really know what colour grading is. Which is one of the reasons I am here: to learn what cool stuff is and how to do it.

My influences are varied: I love the grainy, desaturated style of Zach Snyder, especially the DCEU. As well as his visual style, I respect his decision to take risks in his film making. He does not give the audience what people assume they want. For instance, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016) is not a 3 act hero arc, it is a 5 act revenge tragedy, though I’ve heard it called many other things. I enjoy the relentless symmetry of Kubrick, and Scorsese had a period where he could not seem to make a bad film. I enjoy the ascetic Cameron created in Terminator (1984) and Aliens (1986), dark and claustrophobic. My favourite movies of 2016 are Sing Street (by John Carney – a must see), Jeff Nichols Midnight Special and the awesome Notes on Blindness. Anyway, I’ve gone a bit off topic, these are all worthy of their own blog posts, if I get around to writing them. While I’m talking about great movies, In Session Film is one of my favourite movie podcasts. Well worth a listen.


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