Doing One Thing at a Time: Why Uni-Tasking is the New Multi-Tasking

Taken from A Life of Productivity, this article explains the merits of focusing on the matter at hand, and giving it your full attention, rather than attempting to do several things at once.

A good friend once told me that Quality and Quantity, as concepts, were mutually exclusive. It is my experience that this is true. I cannot focus on several things at the same time and expect to do all, if any of them, very well. I need to allow time and space for whatever I am doing right now, and give it my full attention. Of course, I live in the real world, and this is not always possible, especially in the work place. But, as a general principle it can be practised for most of the time.

I cringe when I hear the phrase multi-tasking. To me it is associated with frantic activity, if used in the sense of doing multiple tasks at once. It is associated with skipping meals (never a good idea – hungry/thirsty people do not make good decisions) and crazy adrenaline fueled all-nighters, which may provide the rush of manic business, but too often provide sub standard outcomes. I much prefer Single-tasking, as described in the article. Or, Uni-tasking. Which I think is a cooler name.


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